Did you know?

The production of 1 kg of PET for plastic bottles requires almost 2 kg of crude oil

Due to the key production factors of melt and transport, an average bottled mineral water has an environmental impact more than 450 times that of tap water.


A family of three can drink over 1,700 liters of bottled water a year

And spend more than 1,000 EUR per year on branded water and cause 540 kg of CO2.

Plastikmüll, Flaschenwassen, Plastikflaschen

Any business has a lasting impact on the environment by consuming bottled water

Anyone who offers still water and sparkling water from bottles in the company today has to invest considerable expenses in  procurement, storage and logistics of bottles and has a lasting impact on the environment through the upstream filling and procurement processes.

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Even the cheapest carbonated bottled water costs around 4 times more than filtered, healthy sparkling water from a water dispenser

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A highly efficient and powerful water dispenser can pay for itself in the first year and delivers healthy, filtered normal, chilled, Sparkling or even hot water.

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The purchase of a cheap water dispenser can save a family or a commercial enterprise over 6,000 EUR in 6 years and you still don't have to go without filtered, chilled and uncooled still water or sparkling water.

Ökologische Verantwortung

Bringing ecology and economy into harmony is no easy task.

Nevertheless, our systems and services offer you the chance to do something - externally visible, internally affordable and with real monetary and ecological savings.